Just in Time For Easter: Baby Chicks

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably heard about the chickens hatching here at the farm (aka my bathroom).  We incubated 42 eggs.  Going into “lockdown” (the three day period before the eggs hatch), we candled the eggs and estimated that about 30 were fully developed.  We went ahead and put all of the eggs into lockdown because they were all mostly developed and we figured we’d see what happened.

Our final head count is 29 chicks.  Most of the eggs that didn’t hatch came from our young hens, so they were probably flawed genetically.  Plus, they were smaller eggs, which would have hindered development.  We also had two chicks who didn’t make it out of their shells.  Hatching is very exhausting for chicks.  If they aren’t healthy enough to start with, they usually won’t survive hatching or they’ll die a few days afterward.  Still, I’m pretty happy with this hatch.  We got quite the assortment of colorful chicks.

For you hatching nerds out there, here’s our temps and humidity levels.

Incubation Period
Temp ~100 degrees
Humidity 60-70%

Lockdown Period
Temp 90-95 degrees
Humidity 90-95%

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