Happy Father’s Day.  Is your dad or hubby a Master of the Grill?  My hubby loves to grill.  Last year, I got him a smoker for Father’s Day.  He has since learned to make amazing ribs and brisket.  So this year, I asked him to give me a list of Father’s Day gift ideas.  I can’t say that I’m surprised they all have something to do with grilling.
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer $139.00 Lowe’s
Vacuum sealers are a great tool to have in the kitchen.  They can reduce food spoilage, eliminate freezer burn and cut down on storage space.  Did you know they can also help you cook?  Vacuum sealing your meat with the marinade can cut down your marinade time to minutes instead of hours. This model from FoodSaver actually offers a marinade injection feature.  It will also automatically detect your bags and the moisture level of the food, ensuring a perfect seal every time.
Sur La Table Two-in-One Mesh Grill Basket
Two-in-One Mesh Grill Basket $29.99 Sur la Table
Let’s face it, everything tastes better cooked on the grill, but some items are too delicate or small to cook on the grill easily.  This versatile mesh basket takes away the fuss and mess of grilling vegetables, stir fry, seafood and many other foods.  The basket can be used as two separate grilling baskets or combine them to make a flip basket.  The two mesh pans lock together securely to contain the food.
Sur La Table Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform
Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform $49.95 Sur la Table

Want wood smoked flavor without buying a separate smoker?  You can actually get a platform that will hold the water and wood chips and use the heat from your grill to smoke your meat.  Close the lid on your grill to help trap the smoke.  I’ve seen several on the market, but I like this one from Sur la Table because of it’s size.  It could easily fit a large roast, rack of ribs or a couple salmon fillets.  Of course, it may also take up your entire cooking surface if you have a smaller grill.  Just know that you have options.
Sur La Table Chili Pepper Grill Rack and Corer
Grilled stuffed jalapenos anyone?  I love cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, but I can’t always handle fried food.  Plus, without the breading, these could make a nice gluten-free option.  This set will grill 18 stuffed peppers and comes with a corer that easily slices peppers and scoops out the seeds.  The rack is stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The corer…not so much.
Who needs a calzone when you can have a pizza cone?  This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  The kit includes two dough cutters, a crimper, two pizza cones and two pizza cone stands.  

Just roll out pizza cone dough and cut using the included cutter. Moisten the edges of the dough with water or egg wash and fold the dough in half. Run the crimper along the outer edge to seam the cone; allow to rest for 10ā€“15 minutes. Slip dough on the pizza cone mold and bake 6ā€“7 minutes until cone begins to brown. Remove from oven or grill and let cool for two minutes before removing from the mold. Place the cone into the pizza cone stand, fill with your favorite ingredients, return to oven and bake until golden and bubbly.

Sur La Table Grill Grate Oiler
Grill Grate Oiler $24.95 Sur la Table
People often underestimate the importance of oiling their grill grates before adding the meat to their grill.  Not only does it keep the meat from sticking, but it also makes cleaning the grill a whole lot easier.  I actually sacrificed a couple of old wash cloths to be my “grate oilers.”  I pour oil in a small bowl and use tongs to dip the cloth in the oil and rub it on the grate.  The issue with this is that a lot of oil gets soaked up by the cloth, but not a lot ends up on my grates.  With the Grill-Grate Oiler from Sure la Table, all of the oil ends up on the grates without a lot of mess.
Stovetop Pepper/Tortilla Roaster
Stovetop Pepper/Tortilla Roaster $19.95 Sur la Table
Roasting is a great way to bring flavor out of tomatoes, peppers and corn.  This stovetop roaster makes roasting easy without having to heat up the grill.  It uses the heat of the burner to roast vegetables or heat tortillas.  Roasted tomatoes and peppers make great additions to sauces and soups.
Shredded BBQ meat makes a great sandwich, but it can be a real mess to pull apart.  The Meat Claws Shredders make it easy to hold onto the meat and shred it.  It can also be used to easily lift and move roasts and chicken on the grill or smoker.
Sur La Table Grill Clips
Grill Clips $14.95 Sur la Table
Ever seen a product and wished you were the one who invented it?  This is such a simple, but ingenious concept.  The grill clips make it easy to grill and turn vegetables, plus it portions them out into individual servings.  Use tongs or a heat-proof glove to turn while on the grill. 
Sur La Table Hamburger Press and Store
This is a great little gadget if you’re grilling for friends or a large family.  You can perfectly portion up to six hamburger patties with a measuring guide for 1/3 lb or 1/4 lb patties marked on the container.  The top of the hamburger press seals so you can make them ahead and grill them later.  The set includes the container, plunger, 6 separating disks and 2 storage lids.
Stainless Steel Grill Topper $16.87 The Home Depot
Yet another option for grilling veggies or delicate items.  The perforated bottom keeps food from falling through the grates while allowing heat to pass through easily.  The three raised sides prevent food from rolling off the topper, and the open side allows for easy access.
Steak Thermometers, Set of 4 $13.98 The Home Depot
If you’ve ever tried to use a meat thermometer to check a steak for doneness, you’ll know it is not an easy task.  Most steaks are too thin and most thermometers read the temperature too high up the probe.  These steak thermometers are specially designed just for steaks.  There are several varieties of steak thermometers available on the market.  I like these because they gauge a steak’s doneness from rare to well (which most people can relate to) instead of the steak’s actual internal temperature.  Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to a roast or turkey, I want to know the actual temperature, but when it comes to my steak I’m good with a general ball park.  Especially since I tend to overcook my steaks on the grill (I prefer them medium-rare).  As with all things, take it off the heat slightly before it is to your desired doneness.  The residual heat will cause it to continue cooking for a few minutes while it rests.  Always rest your meat.
I will admit that I used to be one of those people who would use an entire bottle of lighter fluid trying to get a fire started.  I’m getting better just using twigs and paper to start a fire now, but when it comes to charcoal I still prefer to buy the small one-use bags where all I have to do is light the bag and it takes care of the rest.  This Chimney Starter makes life so much easier.  We use a lot more coals since buying the smoker, so it doesn’t make sense to buy the single use bags every time.  The Chimney makes it easier to light the coals, plus it allows for better air circulation which makes the coals ready to use sooner.  It really is a must for any Grill Master.
Of course, the issue with using a lot of charcoal is storing it.  We don’t have a garage and our shed is very small, so compact and convenient storage is very important.  This handy charcoal kaddy can hold up to 5 pounds of charcoal.  It also has a popup lid and a handle to make pouring the charcoal an easy task.  
Charcoal Companion Smores Roasting Rack $7.01 Amazon
This may be my favorite item on the list.  I love smores.  Heck, I love roasted marshmallows.  However, I don’t always love smoke blowing in my face or scorching heat melting off my skin.  This gadget makes s’more making soooo easy.  Graham crackers with chocolate can be placed on the stainless steel platform to warm while marshmallows on skewers roast on each side.  S’mores can also be assembled and placed back on the platform to keep warm.  Make several s’more at once and serve up to your friends (or yourself) for dessert.  Yum!

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