My son loves french fries. It has gotten to the point where he has a temper tantrum when we go out to eat and he sees someone else eating them and he doesn’t have any. So, when we had a play date coming up and I knew the other kids would have Happy Meals, I decided to be proactive. I packed apple fries. Well, it was a big hit.

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I have no doubt that Farmboy can tell the difference between an apple and a french fry, I just don’t think he cared. They were really perfect as an on-the-go snack for a toddler with only eight teeth. He could easily hold onto a few of them at a time. Plus, they were small enough that he could bite of pieces that he could easily chew and swallow. And they really looked like french fries.

What surprised me is that one mom didn’t know how to make them.  She was really hoping that I had a little device that made them for me, such as an apple corer and slicer.  I do have something similar, but it won’t core the apple.  Plus, it’s very easy to cut the fries without the need for that type of device.  The hardest part is probably peeling the apple.

Apple Fries - getting started

To start off, you’ll need a cutting board, apple, chef’s knife, paring knife and lemon juice.

Apple Fries - peel the apple

Peel the apple.

Apple Fries - slice the apple

Starting just to the side of the apple core, slice off the side of the apple.

Apple Fries - slice off sections
Continue by slicing off each side of the apple.

Apple Fries - cut apple sections into this slices

With the rounded edge of the apple up, cut the apple into slices.

Apple Fries - cut slices into fries

Stack the slices on top of each other.  Try to cut through the stacks so the fries have the same width and height.

Apple Fries
Place in a container and sprinkle with lemon juice. I found that the Fresh Baby Divided Dish is perfect for storing apple fries. I also like to close the container and shake it so the lemon juice gets over all of the apples. This will prevent them from turning brown. Store the container in the refrigerator.

Farmboy eating his apple fries

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding” or the apples in this case.

Apple Fries are a great alternative to French Fries, make a convenient snack, and are simple to make. - The Not So Modern Housewife

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