Karibu Potty Seat ReviewWe’re in full blown potty training mode here on the homestead. It has come with its own unique set of challenges, like convincing Farmboy that the driveway is not the appropriate place to go to the bathroom and that he cannot run around naked all day, but we’ve found ways to make the transition easier. Half the battle is making him feel confident and comfortable on the toilet. The Potty Seat with Step Ladder from Karibu Baby does just that.  The step ladder makes it easier for him to get on and off the toilet, while the handles and cushion seat give him the confidence that he can sit on the big potty without falling in.  When a child feels more comfortable on the toilet, it’s easier for them to relax and go.

When we started the potty training journey, I knew that I wanted to start Farmboy on the big potty.  I’ve seen numerous children who start on a small potty, but then the transition from the small potty to the big one is like potty training all over again.  I also wanted to avoid any fear associated with the big potty, so it was important that I find a seat that he was comfortable with.  We now have potty seats in each bathroom, so he can go wherever is most convenient (hopefully not the driveway).

One struggle that we continue to have is getting on and off the potty. Farmboy has a stool in our larger master bathroom, but the hall bathroom is too small to keep a stool stored in there all the time.  That’s a big part of what makes the Karibu Potty Seat so wonderful.  It has a step stool built in, but then it can easily be folded up and stored beside the toilet when not in use.

Karibu Potty Seat with Step LadderWhen I received the Karibu Potty Seat, I was really impressed with how well it was made.  It’s a thick plastic that is very sturdy and built to last.  There are three large plastic screws that are used to hold everything together that can easily be screwed together with your hands.  These screws are also used to adjust the height of the seat as well as the step, so you can customize it to your toilet and your toddler’s comfort level.  It also has these great gripping feet that keep the ladder and seat in one place so your child can confidently and securely get on and off the potty.

Farmboy took to the seat immediately.  After I had assembled it, I had it sitting on a 5 gallon bucket in the kitchen.  He climbed up on it and sat on the seat and bucket like it was the logical thing to do.  He loves the handles on the ladder and always uses them to steady himself as he gets on and off the toilet.

My only real complaint with the seat (and most potty seats in general) is the pee guard on the front of the seat.  When Farmboy was first starting to potty train, he hadn’t learned to “control the flow.”  I was teaching him to sit on the seat and pee because I didn’t want my walls and floor painted yellow.  This generally resulted in him peeing over the lip of his potty seat and onto the floor in front of him.  Granted, he has now learned to keep his pee in the toilet, whether sitting or standing, but this could be an issue for parents just beginning to potty train a little boy.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic potty seat.  It’s durable, adjustable, and convenient.  Honestly, I wish I had found it sooner in our potty training journey.  I’ll just have to save it for the next potty training toddler.

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