Hatching Eggs

We believe that quality hatching eggs start with quality adult chickens and quality nutrition. We select our breeding birds based upon health, temperament, rate of growth and other traits based upon the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection. Our chickens are raised on high quality feed and supplemented with Oyster Shell, Big Ole Bird by Southland Organics and Brewer's Yeast & Garlic by Thomas Labratories. We also actively show our birds to ensure our breeding programs are on track.

Our hatching eggs are shipped within the US Monday - Wednesday via USPS Priority Flat Rate mail. They are shipped Hold for Pickup if your post office offers the service, meaning you will need to pick up the eggs from the post office unless you specify otherwise. There is a greater risk of damage to the eggs and air cells if transported in a route delivery vehicle. Each egg is individually bubble wrapped and the boxes are double boxed with extra padding to ensure your eggs arrive in the best possible condition. We're sorry, but international shipping is not available at this time.

Prices include shipping and are for 12+ eggs. We will send extra eggs to fill the box to restrict movement within the box. The total number of eggs will be based upon the size of the eggs. There is a chance that we will need to supplement your order with eggs from another breed to fill the box. This is done to ensure eggs are shipped quickly and arrive to you as fresh as possible to improve hatch rates.

Orders are placed based upon a wait list system. Please fill out the Hatching Egg Wait List form. I will contact you the week before your eggs will be shipped to verify your information and collect payment (if it hasn't already been sent). Payments can be sent via Paypal to [email protected] I can also receive payment via Money Order or Certified Check. Eggs will not be shipped until payment is received. If you have a certain time frame you'd like to receive your eggs, please also note that on the form. We will do our best to conform to your hatching schedule. Preference will be given to those highest on the wait list.

If you're interested in a mixed order, please e-mail me for a quote.

We cannot guarantee hatch rates of our hatching eggs, but we will do everything in our power to improve your chances of a successful hatch. Each box is shipped with a list of Hatching Guidelines. These are recommendations that we have found to improve the success of shipped eggs. If you do have a successful hatch, we'd love to hear about it and see pictures of your birds. We are very proud of our birds and like to hear that they are being enjoyed across the country.

Hatching Egg Wait List

NPIP Certified: 58-1957-E

Australorps - $45

Australorp Hatching Eggs

The Australorp is a dual purpose, heritage breed that originates from Australia. They are large enough to be raised for meat, while also having a stellar record for egg laying. They are invaluable on the homestead because of their duality, foraging ability and overall hardiness. They are very gentle birds with excellent temperaments.

These eggs come from my exhibition flock of Australorps. They take a little while to mature, but they are much larger than hatchery quality Australorps. They are excellent layers of large brown eggs.

Barnevelders - $65

Barnevelder Hatching Eggs

The Barnevelder is a large-medium breed from Holland. Very popular in Europe, they still remain difficult to find in the United States. The hen is the real showcase of the breed with her sharp double lacing. They are also known for laying large, dark brown eggs. While our eggs are darker than our Australorp eggs, we are working to darken them to bring them back up to where they should be. We are doing this by selecting only the darkest eggs for hatching, without out-crossing to any other breeds.

These eggs come from my exhibition flock of Barnevelders. They are excellent layers of large brown eggs. Our laying flock consists of black and blue double laced birds, so there is a chance that some of your chicks will be blue. Their color will not be obvious until they are about 8 weeks old. These are very docile birds with excellent temperaments. The hens also tend to go broody and are excellent mothers.

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