Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday featuring real food recipes, natural health remedies, DIY, crafts, Gardening Tips, and more...

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Holy crap, it’s March. I know, i know, I seem to be saying that a lot recently. The truth is that life just seems to be passing by so quickly right now, and I don’t like it. I’m the kind of person who likes to enjoy life. I take pleasure in the simple things. So when so much seems to be happening that I can’t even take the time to enjoy the world around me, I feel a bit frazzled. And it’s not just lately. I mean, holy crap, I’m 37 years old (shhh, don’t tell anyone). When did that happen?! Wasn’t I just 22 and in college yesterday? So if my posts start to sound philosophical and nostalgic, it’s because I’m feeling old and depressed. Or hormonal. You know, something like that.

But hey, it’s March! For Florida, it means that a ton of stuff is growing. Most of our seeds were started last month, so now we’re just waiting for them to get big enough to transplant to the garden. That also means that (hopefully) my nursery business will get a nice boost. I have 8 plug trays of seedlings outside that need transplanted, and I just bought 4 bags of organic potting soil. I certainly hope I get a nice boost.

For the rest of the country, it hopefully also means that you’re thawing now or soon. I have so many friends and family in Ohio who are chomping at the bit to get their gardens started. Be patient, we all know that Ohio has this annoying habit of March ice storms and April freezes. If you’re going to start seeds, make sure you start them indoors.

Today is also the first day of Lent. Growing up, I really had no idea what Lent was, then I went to a Catholic university. I would choose something to give up for Lent, mainly because my friends did, but also because I liked what it stood for. Granted, I didn’t practice all of the other rules of Lent (I’m not even sure I understand what all of the rules are), but I like that giving something up causes us to reflect. It’s not just that we can’t have chocolate or alcohol or microwave popcorn (I had a bad habit in college), but that we would turn our thoughts towards why we couldn’t have those things when we craved them. We would think of God and His son Jesus, who sacrificed so much more than a candy bar for our sakes. We think about Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness and how He steadfastly rebuked Satan’s temptations to come out at the end and have God proclaim how proud He was of His son. And we reflect upon Easter, Jesus’ journey to the cross, and His resurrection three days later. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, but the Easter season are what the Christian faith is really about. It’s about life and death and rebirth and a God who would sacrifice everything for our sakes. And that is truly awe inspiring. 

Now on to the hop…

Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday and is for all things homesteading: real food recipes, farm animals, crafts, DIY, how-to’s, gardening, anything from-scratch, natural home/health, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, natural remedies, essential oils, & more! Basically anything related to homesteading.

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Homestead Blog Hop every Wednesday featuring real food recipes, natural health remedies, DIY, crafts, Gardening Tips, and more...

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Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday featuring real food recipes, natural health remedies, DIY, crafts, Gardening Tips, and more...