Little Passports Stock Up and Save Sale
Save up to $35 site-wide on Little Passports. For a limited time, Little Passports is having a Stock Up and Save sale on their website. Unlike many of their other sales that only discount their subscriptions, this sale is nice because it includes any product on their website like plush dolls and accessories. This is a great time to shop for Christmas gifts without committing to a full subscription. Personally, I’ve been eyeing the Dino Pals Backpack for my two year old daughter.

They have a number of educational kits that compliment the subscriptions, but make great standalone learning resources as well. A few that I’m considering for my 7 year old son are:

  • Florida Activity Booklet – Since we live in Florida, I want my kids to learn more about our state. This book includes information about space shuttle launches, the Everglades, and beaches. It also includes a recipe for Cuban sandwiches (one of our favorite foods), and a Seminole tribe basket weaving activity.
  • Weather Lab Science Kit – I’m a bit of a science geek, so I enjoy teaching my kids more about weather and nature. This kit includes learning activities for tornadoes, volcanoes, and snow.
  • Earth Science Kit – My son has always been a big rock collector, but now he’s asking me about types of rocks. This kit includes 15 rock samples, a displace case, and instructions for how to identify different types of rocks.

Of course, they also have their subscriptions, and now is a great time to sign up. First of all, it can double as a Christmas gift that they receive all year long. We’ve had the World Edition for a year, and my son loves it. He always wants to know when his next package will arrive from Sam and Sofia. Each kit includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a passport sticker, a map sticker pin, an activity booklet, and a souvenir from that month’s country. We enjoy the activity books because they’ll often include a recipe from that country. Little Passports also has a number of printable resources available on their website. I receive an email when our package ships, so I can go online and print whichever worksheets will go with that month’s theme so they are ready and available when the package gets here.

The discounts for this sale are broken down as follows: 

spend $50, save $10 
spend $100, save $15
spend $150, save $25
spend $200, save $35

The subscriptions run $150 and up, so you’ll save either $25 or $35 if you decide to go that route. This really is one of their best sales of the year. I don’t usually see the subscriptions discounted this much.

Little Passports Stock Up and Save Sale

This sale ends Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, so don’t waste any time. I don’t know if we’re going to get another deal this good before Christmas.