Has Meal Time Become a Chore?

Thawing, chopping, browning, waiting… They all stand between you and your meal. You work hard. You’re tired at the end of the day. You don’t want to eat out. You want to eat healthy. Let Thrive Life get you there.

Stop Stressing Over Healthy Eating

You can be a slave to the kitchen and spend your evenings prepping, cooking, and cleaning up dinner, or you can cut that time and effort in half, and spend quality time with your family.

Taking Control of Mealtime with Freeze Dried Foods is a 5-day e-course designed to introduce you to freeze dried foods and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine to save time and reduce stress.

Here’s What You’ll Get as Part of the Course:

Organizational Tools

Know what you have and when it expires with printable Pantry Organizers. Includes Weekly and Monthly Meal Planning printables to better plan your meals and take control of your life.

5-Day Email Introduction

Learn more about using freeze dried foods and how they can benefit your life with this 5-day email introduction. Discover ways to get started, learn how to use freeze dried ingredients in everyday cooking, and how to build a supply on a budget.

Recipe Cards

Experience the variety and convenience of freeze dried foods with these beautiful, printable recipe cards. Recipes include Chicken Tortilla Soup, Breakfast Burritos, Shepherd’s Pie, and Microwave Chocolate Cake.

I’m Bonnie, an Independent Consultant for Thrive Life, and I want to share the tools I’ve found to better manage my kitchen and meal time.

I’m a mom, and as such I’m under a lot of pressure to produce healthy, quick meals that my family will enjoy. But I also have three kids, a small farm, a blog, and various other commitments and responsibilities. I struggle to find the time and energy to do it all. By the time dinner rolls around, I’m ready to serve up bowls of cereal and call it a night.

I had a meal time dilemma:

  • I was running out of ideas for what to cook.
  • Ingredients I bought at the grocery store spoiled before I used them.
  • I was buying duplicates of ingredients because I forgot what was in my pantry.
  • I was tired and overwhelmed.

How did I make meal time better? First of all, I started incorporating freeze dried foods into my daily cooking. Second, I developed tools to help keep track of the ingredients I have on hand to make menu planning easier. And I want to share these tools with you.


Here are 3 ways these tools will change your home forever:

  • Make meal planning easier and eliminate excessive buying by knowing what you have on hand with a Pantry Inventory. Print one for each cupboard for more efficient organization.
  • Save money and say goodbye to chaos by planning weekly meals and grocery lists. The monthly meal planner allows for long-term planning or preparing for special events.
  • Discover the diversity of freeze dried cooking through printable cards of my favorite recipes. Many freeze dried meals can also be portioned and sealed into mason jars ahead of time for easier meal planning.

Family Meals are Better for Everyone

Meal planning leads to more meals eaten together. In a 2004 study, researchers found that teenagers made healthier choices and hds better mental resiliency when they ate 7 or more family meals per week. Family meals establish routine and structure, which gives children feelings of security and inclusion.

Research done by Brigham Young University also found that adults who were home for dinner felt less home-work conflict and showed greater job satisfaction overall. Eating meals at home also saves money and tends to lead to better portion control over restaurant meals.

Ready To Take Control?