It’s a chilly, but beautiful day on the farm.  Spent the morning doing a lot of outside chores.  Now I have to get ready to take Farmboy to gymnastics, then I have choir practice.  So, I give you cute duckling pictures.

Remember my little baby ducklings?  Well, they’re teenagers now.  They’re so pretty now that they’re starting to feather out.  I know I have at least one female (only females quack).  I’ll keep one drake and the rest of the drakes will go to freezer camp.  The little duckling is a Saxony mix who hatched March 9.  He’s supposed to be in the coop, but escaped when I let the big kids out this morning.  Of course, I can’t catch him, so he’s spending the day outside.

He’s so cute.  Too bad he runs when I get within 10 ft of him.

The turkeys have learned how to fly out of their enclosure.  I need to clip their wings, but keep putting it off.  At least they stay close to their run and are easy to catch when I put them up at night.

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