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My name is Bonnie, and I am The Not So Modern Housewife.  I am a work at home mom and wife who strives to provide a happy and healthy environment for my family.  I write primarily about homesteading, organic gardening and cooking from scratch.  I also offer product reviews, giveaways and advertising for eco-friendly, family friendly, and kitchen friendly products and businesses.

Are you interested in promoting your business through The Not So Modern Housewife?  I am an experienced business graduate with a background in community education and public relations.  I draw visitors to my site through quality content, social media, syndication, blog hops, and regular giveaway participation.  I can promote your business through the blog as well as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  For maximum exposure, I would like to suggest a review and giveaway.  Reviews and giveaways create interest in a company’s product or service and generate exposure through promotion and interest in the giveaway.  


Monthly Pageviews: ~10,800
Unique Visitors: ~8,300
Facebook: 5,110+
Instagram: 1,005+
Twitter: 1,300+
Pinterest: 3,391+

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in being featured on The Not So Modern Housewife.




I am always on the lookout for new products to try.  My focus is on eco-friendly products and products that promote healthy eating and lifestyles.  I have three young children and have done numerous reviews on cloth diapering and toddler feeding products.  To see a full list of reviews that I have performed in the past, please visit my Reviews page.

If you have a product or business you would like The Not So Modern Housewife to promote, I would be happy to provide a review of your product, website or store. There are just a few simple steps.

  • Submit your product review request to [email protected]. Please send an explanation of your product and a picture or link so I can make sure it’s a good match for this site and its audience. I will get back to you with a response and probable timing of the review pending receipt of the product.
  • Please provide The Not So Modern Housewife with at least one of your products or services to review.  I cannot review any product without actually trying it. This is a commitment I make to my readers.
  • I promise to provide a thorough review of your product or service based upon actually using it. I will point out the positives and negatives as I find them in testing. This way, my readers know they are getting an honest opinion on a product and can trust my recommendations.
  • In the review, I will provide links to your products and where my readers can purchase them or try them out themselves.  These links may include affiliate links, unless otherwise specified by you.  I am also happy to use any keywords in my review that you would like to provide.
  • Please be available during the review period, in case I have any questions. I can usually have a product tested and a review published within 14 days of receiving the product. I want to be able to ask you any necessary questions to ensure a thorough review of your product.


Giveaways are very popular. They can be a wonderful way to increase your exposure. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway.

  • Sometimes I will group similar giveaway items from different companies into one prize package. It generates more interest in the giveaway and greater exposure for the businesses involved.
  • I participate in blog hop giveaway events when available. Blog hop giveaways greatly increase the exposure of your business to new customers outside of my existing reader base. Contact me to see what blog hops I am currently recruiting sponsors for.
  • Giveaways are managed using Giveaway Tools. I have found this to be a very effective widget for managing giveaway events. It simplifies the entry process for contestants, which in turn increases the number of entries.
  • Giveaway sponsors are responsible for shipment of giveaway products to winners.  I will work with winners and sponsors to obtain shipping information and coordinate details.