• Swimsuit Season at ModCloth

    ModCloth SwimsuitMarch 1st marks the beginning of Spreak Break Season in Florida.  If you live up north, it may be difficult to comprehend the masses that are currently flocking to our sunny Florida beaches.  Then again, if you live up north, you may wish you were one of them. I see swimsuits at every department store I visit, but nothing seems to fit my style.  Let’s face it, most swimsuits are designed for girls with no boobs or hips.  Even the “busty” swimsuits don’t fit me right.  Is it so difficult to believe that a girl can be a D cup without ... Read more


  • Grief and the Young

    Grief and the Young If you follow me on Facebook, you probably know that I lost one of my horses last Thursday night.  It was sudden and unexpected and I am heartbroken.  We still don’t know cause of death, but the vet is running some tests.  It’s been less than two years since I lost my other mare, Lilly, way before her time.  To have owned horses for 21 years and never even had one with a major illness, then to have two amazing, young, seemingly healthy horses die in such a short period of time has really been difficult for me. Hubby went into ... Read more


  • A Valentine from My Valentines

    Valentine's Day - The Not So Modern Housewife Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hubby basically kicked me out of the house last night so he and Henry could make me this valentine.  I have to admit, he’s much more artistic than I am.  We don’t make things like this for each other often, so this is very special to me.  It’s so simple and beautiful, and it came from the heart.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money for Valentine’s Day.  Simple gestures and handmade gifts don’t have to cost anything and can mean so much more.  Plus, I’m more likely to keep this valentine and display is ... Read more


  • Organic Gardening Project

    Garden project beforeIt’s a new year and that means another attempt by myself to grow a flourishing organic garden.  This area of my front yard is the sunniest part of my property.  It is also the area where my horse Lilly was buried this past summer.  I made the decision then to grow a lily garden over her grave site. I’ve tried multiple times to grow a vegetable garden in this section of my yard with limited success.  Usually, I only manage to feed the local raccoon and deer population.  It’s very frustrating.  This last year, I grew my herbs and tomatoes in containers on the ... Read more

Gift Guides

  • 10 Baking Ingredients to Jazz Up Your Holiday Baking

    10 Baking Ingredients to Jazz Up Your Holiday BakingI am one of those people who do not like dealing with the holiday shopping crowds. Most of my Christmas shopping is done online. I still venture out to the grocery store for most of my baking supplies, but there are some items that are still easier or cheaper to find online. These are just a few of my favorite baking ingredients. Want to try something new this Christmas? Check out of few of these items for a little twist on your holiday baking. White Chocolate, Chocolate and Caramel, these squeeze bottles are a great way to add a little flair ... Read more


  • Giveaway: YumEarth Stocking Stuffers Giveaway 12/6

    YumEarth Giveaway  YumEarth Stocking Stuffers Giveaway    Hosted by Pea of Sweetness   Sponsored by YumEarth YumEarth operates with a commitment to provide snacks for your family that are free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes. YumEarth uses real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown on sustainable family farms to sweeten our lives and yours. YumEarth also has no gluten, peanuts, or tree-nuts, just award winning taste. Their small bags of organic Gummy Worms and Gummy Bears are the perfect stocking stuffers! Check out more about the YumEarth gummies at Pea of Sweetness. About the prize: One winner will receive both a bag of Gummy Worms ... Read more

Guest Posts

  • Guest Post: Glazed Chicken Skewers

    Glazed Chicken Skewers Lydia Richmond from Cluttered Genius is with us today to share this recipe for Glazed Chicken Skewers. Lydia teaches for NCVPS (NC Virtual Public School) as an English teacher. Before starting her at-home gig in April of 2011, she was a face-to-face teacher at a local high school rocking the literature and writing world. Because she loves to talk about herself, she started blogging. Over the years, she’s decided to try to make this a real thing. Now, she blogs daily about various topics: parenting, health, faith, recipes, crafts, and more.  Currently, she’s working on publishing her first children’s book, ... Read more

Health & Wellness

  • Estrogen Dominance and Your Health – Week 3

    Estrogen Dominance and Your Health Week 3 Week 3 of my estrogen cleanse marked the arrival of Aunt Flo.  The good news is that it was more regular, with less cramping.  The bad news is that I gained back a large portion of the weight I’ve lost so far. One of the issues I’d with my estrogen dominance was my wacky menstrual cycle.  I’ve always had issues with debilitating cramps, but my cycle was always every 28 days on the dot.  It took me a little time to get it regulated after I had Henry, but it eventually went back to normal.  Then I had my miscarriage and nothing ... Read more

Household Products

  • Guest Post: Top 3 Homemade Cleaners

    All Purpose CleanerToday I’m joined by Ashley from Forgetful Momma.  Ashley is a green momma who uses cloth diapers and makes all of her family’s laundry detergent and cleaning products.  She has graciously agreed to share three of her favorite homemade cleaning recipes with us today.  Welcome, Ashley! Hello to Bonnie’s readers here at The Not So Modern Housewife! I am Ashley from Forgetful Momma, previously known as Bottles, Diapers… Babies. I am stopping by today to share my favorite cleaning product recipes. I have three that I use in my house on a daily or weekly basis. My first favorite is the first ... Read more

Preserving Food

  • Sauerkraut

    Sauerkraut I grew up eating a lot of sauerkraut.  My favorite is probably sauerkraut with apples and pork chops, although I also love to saute some and serve it on my beer boiled, then grilled brats.  However, it’s one thing I was always a little hesitant to make myself.  My mom would make it in a huge vat in the basement.  Here in Florida, I have neither a huge vat nor a basement.  Luckily, I’ve found a much more manageable recipe that only requires a stock pot or food-grade 5 gallon bucket. Sauerkraut is made using fermentation as a preservation method.  Fermentation ... Read more

Recipes & Cooking Tips

  • Hearty Sweet Potato Chili

    Hearty Sweet Potato Chili Autumn is one of my favorite times of year.  The weather has cooled off just enough that my outside chores don’t leave me feeling completely exhausted, but there is still enough sunshine to keep me from feeling the winter blues.  It is also a great season for cooking because so many wonderful fruits and vegetables are ready to harvest.  This Hearty Sweet Potato Chili is a great way to warm up on a chilly autumn evening.  I used fresh oregano and green peppers from my garden and onions, sweet potatoes and tomatoes from the local farmer’s market.  The combination of sweet ... Read more


  • Build Confidence with the Karibu Potty Seat

    Karibu Potty Seat Review We’re in full blown potty training mode here on the homestead.  It has come with its own unique set of challenges, like convincing Henry that the driveway is not the appropriate place to go to the bathroom and that he cannot run around naked all day, but we’ve found ways to make the transition easier.  Half the battle is making Henry feel confident and comfortable on the toilet.  The Potty Seat with Step Ladder from Karibu Baby does just that.  The step ladder makes it easier for Henry to get on and off the toilet, while the handles and cushion ... Read more