mommy hen and her chicksWe had a little surprise a couple days ago, two little fuzzy butts.  Or maybe I should say, I got a little surprise.  Apparently, hubby had let one of our broody hens sit on a few eggs.  He overindulges the chickens, but that’s just my opinion.  When he went out to collect the eggs the other night, this is what he found.  The chicks were under the momma hen, but he moved them into this box.  They aren’t big enough to jump over the sides yet, so they can stay protected there while also having space for a small food and water dish.

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The momma hen still hasn’t left her box.  I’m not sure if this is because she’s watching over her chicks or if she’s still being broody.  The other hens have to wait for her to leave her box before they can lay their eggs, which she usually does a couple times a day.  Hubby also put a heat lamp in the house to keep the chicks warm, since they aren’t in the box with their momma.  Thanks to hubby’s superior design skills, the house is warm and dry, despite all of Tropical Storm Debby’s best efforts.