When it comes to cloth diapering in the modern world, the possibilities are endless.  You can go economical with prefolds and covers or easy with All-in-Ones (AIOs) or One-size diapers.  

There is the choice between wet pail or dry pail, cloth wipes or disposable, liners or sprayer and the list goes on and on.  

For a new mom, the multitude of choices can be intimidating.  Even as a mom who has been cloth diapering for 2 years, I have a difficult time explaining everything to new moms.  

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First of all, there is just SO MUCH to explain.  Plus, what works for me may not work for another mom.

Thank goodness for Kelly Wels. Kelly is a mom, former cloth diaper retailer and leading cloth diaper expert. She has been in the industry for over a decade and has seen, touched and tested almost every brand cloth diaper on the market today.  

She could see the need for an in-depth explanation of cloth diapering for parents interested in taking the plunge.  So, she wrote Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering.  (Don’t worry, it’s a great resource for Dads too.)

Cloth Diapers breaks down the ins and outs of cloth diapering into painstaking detail.  

The chapter on “Why Choose Cloth Diapers?” will make you never want to put another disposable diaper on your child again.  

She explains every type of cloth diapering system, including how to use them, so parents can take the information and make their own decision about which system is best for them.  

She covers the main cloth diapering brands and debates so parents have as much information as possible. Parents can even find information about growing with cloth diapers and working with daycare centers.

Cloth Diapers makes a great troubleshooting guide for parents looking to clear up a persistent rashes or problem with leaks.  (hint: it may be in how you’re washing your diapers)  

There is a guide for washing cloth diapers and tips for removing odors.  

These is also a chapter on all of the extras like wet bags, cloth wipes and swim diapers.

I think all cloth diapering parents should read this book. Not only can it help with your own cloth diapering adventure, but it can help you answer questions for others who ask about your “fancy” diapers.  

I highly recommend this book as a baby shower gift for any parents considering cloth diapers.  I wish I had known a lot of this information when I first got started.

While Changing Diapers is current as of 2012, the cloth diapering industry is continuously growing and changing.  For the most up to date information, check out www.cottonbabies.com.  They are my go-to online resource for most things modern cloth diapering. They also sell my favorite brand of cloth diapers: bumGenius.