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15 Inspirational Gardeners on Instagram

Instagram is a visual playground where we can witness everything from food to home decor to daily life, but nothing can provide more visual stimulation than the colorful hues of flowers and fauna from our fellow gardeners.

I’ve taken the time to choose 15 of my favorite gardeners on Instagram whom I think you’ll also enjoy. Of course, this is a mere drop in the bucket to the total number of horticulturists proudly displaying their works of art on the social media platform, but I hope you’ll accept these as a springboard to exploring even more amazing photos and design ideas.

And while my account pales in comparison, I hope you’ll also follow @notsomodern on Instagram, even though I post about much more than just my garden.

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@gapey is a gardener, cook, and all around homesteader. Her Instagram account mostly features plants and harvests from her vegetable garden, with some chickens and beekeeping thrown in for good measure.

@carmelbellafarm specializes in heirloom tomato varieties, but they also share photos from their organic vegetable garden. Their photos are as fascinating as they are appetizing. It’s amazing to see the wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that tomatoes can come in.

@saralimback is also the founder of Incredible Edible Bristol, a program that teaches urban edible gardening in the city of Bristol UK. Sara’s other passion is cut flowers, so most of her account is actually flowers, both in her garden and wild on the countryside. This makes her feel a bit more like a kindred spirit since I love landscaping as well as vegetable gardening and rarely “stay in my lane.”

@zoes_garden is a backyard gardener who also happens to be a very gifted artist. She creates garden themed prints that she sells on her Etsy shop. But I think what I find most interesting about her feed is how she talks about how she uses what she harvests.

@clivenichols is the most popular garden photographer in Britain, with access to some of the most breathtaking gardens in the world. The photography is stunning. The gardens are awe inspiring.

@az_okiegarden is a Zone 9 gardener in Arizona growing an impressive amount of food in his backyard. He puts a lot of thought into his garden and it’s definitely paying off.

@alexander.hoyle is a “plantsman and gardener” who studied horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He tends some very prestigious gardens in the UK, and his Instagram is full of pictures from gardens on his travels.

@charles_dowding is a gardener, author, and no-till advocate from the UK. He’s been using no-till gardening since the 80s, and now teaches courses and writes books and articles about the same. He shares pictures of his beautiful garden as well as golden nuggets of wisdom. Check out his author page on Amazon:

@amazinggardener is all about sharing gardening designs and ideas. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for some inspiration. The gardens featured are really impressive.

@urbanfarmstead proves that you don’t need a large space to produce a spectacular garden. Relying upon raised beds and vertical growing, he’s growing food for his table in his urban space in Sacramento, CA. Plus, the vegetable photos are so appetizing.

@deannacat3 is a girl after my own heart. While her feed is mostly photos of her amazing garden, she’s also a self-proclaimed crazy chicken and cat lady. My favorite photos are the ones of her chickens strolling through her garden.

@gardenista_sourcebook is the Instagram account for the Gardenista garden design sourcebook. It’s a great place to look for garden inspiration from around the world.

@debbytenquist is a landscaper who has designed impressive gardens the world over. Aside from her photos of beautiful gardens from around the world, she also shares wonderful stories, history, and symbolism tied to the plants in the photos.

@gardendesignmag is the Instagram account for Garden Design Magazine. They share photos from their magazine, plus feature photos from other gardening Instagrammers.

@kewgardens is the Instagram account for the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The photography is absolutely stunning, but they also provide a lot of wondering information about the plants in the photos. It’s easy to see why so many horticulturists want to study here.

@fairyblooms is full of beautiful succulents and succulent arrangements. There’s something fascinating about succulents, and I love to see all of the color variations. I’m working on improving my succulent gardening, so I’m always looking here for inspiration.

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Saturday 1st of December 2018

Thanks for the great list! I was only following 4 of these! Two of my favorites not listed, are @gapey and @carmelbellafarm


Monday 3rd of December 2018

I'll have to check them out. Thank you for the suggestions!


Friday 6th of July 2018

Awesome round up! Thank you for taking the time out to source this - will save me some time! :)


Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Hey, great post!


Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Thank you. :)